Best google maps plugins for wordpress 2684 1
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Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Before we start looking at any plugins, it’s good to review the way Google Maps work. There are several components in the Google Maps API family, all of which can be found on the Google Maps API Family page. When working with WordPress, we are mainly interested in two of these APIs: Static Maps APIMaps JavaScript API Static maps are practically images with no functionality. Including a static map into your page is as simple as inserting some HTML. There are several parameters that can be set which you can find an explanation of here. On the other hand, JavaScript-powered

How to get a custom field value via shortcode 2681 2
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How to Get a Custom Field Value via Shortcode

Sometimes we want to make it easy for site administrators to include the value of a custom field (maybe created as part of a custom meta box) into a post. An ideal solution to this challenge is to use shortcodes. You can either do this through these two plugins: Get Custom Field Values Custom Fields Shortcode (the simpler of the two) Or else use a custom solution by building your own plugin or inserting code into your functions.php file. In that case you can take a look at this snippet of code and modify it to your needs. It’s pretty

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Best Auto Translation Plugins for WordPress

Having the content of your website available in different languages can mean a much bigger audience for you. A very simple way to do this is to provide automatic translators, they’re not the same as manually translating all your content, but do a pretty good job. It’s better to have an automatic translation plugin than nothing at all. The alternative to automatic translations is, of course, to use a manual translation plugin such as WPML, Weglot, Polylang, or any of the others in our round-up of manual translation plugins here. Here are the best automatic translation plugins you can use.

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Best WordPress Multilanguage Plugins

The two main contenders as best multilanguage plugins for WordPress are WPML and QTranslate. If you want a quick answer to which one comes out on top, I would say go for WPML. If you have enough time to give them a test drive, by all means, do so and judge for yourself which one works best for your needs. WPML If you want the most fully featured multilanguage plugin solution for WordPress, your best bet is WPML. WPML makes it possible to turn WordPress blogs multilingual in a few minutes with no knowledge of PHP or WordPress. Its advanced

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Best Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

Do you own a WordPress website and want to launch an affiliate program? Then you’re in luck, because today we are bringing you a collection of the best WordPress Affiliate plugins for WordPress. Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of great competitors in this plugin niche, even though so many companies and individuals need to launch affiliate programs for their products. You can use an off-site solution like Shareasale, Clickbank, Impact Radius, or E-Junkie, but I find it easier for the product seller and his affiliates to have everything in-built within your own site. If you came here looking for affiliate

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Best CSV Import Plugins for WordPress

In today’s post, we take a look at some of the most popular CSV importers for WordPress. These can be very useful tools for your if you want to quickly populate a site with content stored in other databases of formats. WP All Import WP All Import, the option you should opt for first, has a four step import process and an intuitive drag & drop interface that makes complicated import tasks simple and fast. There are no special requirements that the elements in your file must be laid out in a certain way. WP All Import really can import any

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Best WordPress Gallery Plugins

Galleries are an essential part of many websites. They are a sticky area where site visitors tend to linger a bit more and learn more about you or your services. Although WordPress has a built-in photo gallery, it’s functionality is very limited. It allows you to insert a batch of images into a post or page and adjust the image sizes and the number of columns – but not much more than that. For a proper gallery solution, we have to look at third-party plugins. Thankfully there are quite a number of excellent ones to choose from. 1. Modula Modula

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Best Directory Plugins and Themes for WordPress

I came across a number of developers lately who were interested in finding a reliable directory plugin for WordPress, so, here are a few of the best ones for you along with a few of the best directory themes too. You can find more themes listed in our Best Directory Themes for WordPress compilation. Bear in mind that a directory can be resource intensive. Before adding any significant new functionality to your WordPress site, you need to consider whether your current hosting is capable of handling that strain. Once you actually have traffic, you don’t want visitors to your site to be

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Best Event Plugins for WordPress

Many events based websites are now using WordPress as their backend, which obviously means that they are on the lookout for a reliable events plugin for WordPress. This space is quite healthy, with a number of successful plugins all battling for supremacy in the niche. The Best Event Plugins for WordPress 1. The Events Calendar Pro The Events Calendar PRO is a paid Add-On to the open-source WordPress plugin The Events Calendar.  The free version comes with a number of great features such as keyword search, AJAX loading, and the ability to export to iCal or Google Calendar.  When upgrading

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Best Free and Premium Calendar Plugins for WordPress

There are many calendar plugins out there, each serving different needs, from the basic calendar we all know, to those specifically for importing events from different platforms. In this article,  we take a look at the best free and premium calendar plugins on offer. Premium Plugins Events Calendar Pro Events Calendar Pro is a robust, but easy to use plugin. The developers didn’t build every crazy feature they could imagine into the plugin, but rather they just built the ones you need. It comes loaded with a selection of well-designed views, and you control which views you share with your users on

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Best Restaurant Reservation Plugins for WordPress

Many restaurants are turning to WordPress to build their website, that’s a fact. But are there any suitable plugins that handle the most important thing for restaurants, accepting reservations? Let’s take a look at what we’ve found. WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering One of Barn2’s newest plugins, the WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin was developed specifically with restaurants in mind. With it you can enable customers to reserve a table and pre-order their food at the same time, using the WooCommerce Bookings extension. Although there are other WordPress plugins that let your clients reserve tables, these are standalone and don’t integrate with your food ordering

Best hotel and room reservation plugins for wordpress 2652 1
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Best Hotel and Room Reservation Plugins for WordPress

Many hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and businesses in the hospitality business are building their website with WordPress. Naturally, they will also be looking at ways of incorporating a booking or reservation system into their website. The most important thing to remember is this. While any form of e-commerce is resource-intensive, online bookings are the MOST resource-intensive. This is because, for each bookable item, you are dealing with far more parameters than a normal (non-bookable) product. This means that, once your site starts to attract significant traffic, you need to make sure that your hosting is able to deal with hundreds of

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Best WordPress Plugins for Restricting Content Access

Restricting content access to certain parts of your website is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your content, so here are a number of plugins to help you out in creating a private section on your blog or WordPress site. Restrict Content Pro Restrict Content Pro is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage members and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members-only content to your subscribers. With multiple methods of restricting content,

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How to Set the Focal Point on WordPress Images

When you upload an image into WordPress, it automatically creates a few other (smaller) sizes that you can use within your posts and pages. There is a size for featured images, for example, or for thumbnails. The problem with this process is that WordPress doesn’t know where the focal point of the images is, so it will always resize from the center. This creates issues, when for example you upload an image of yourself and the cropped image won’t have your face on it (probably the focal point) but your abs or legs maybe. We don’t want this right? Enter

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Best Cron Plugins for WordPress

Cron runs a lot of useful functions in the background for us, but WordPress Cron can sometimes be limiting for us. So here are a few plugins that help take cron to the next level and make things easier to manage. WP-Cron Crontrol This plugin allows you to take control over the execution of cron jobs. It’s mainly useful for sites that either don’t get enough comments to ensure a frequent execution of wp-cron or for sites where the execution of cron via regular methods can cause race conditions resulting in multiple execution of wp-cron at the same time. It

How to add featured images to categories and tags 2640 1
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How to Add Featured Images to Categories and Tags

Did you think featured images were limited to posts? As always, WordPress is infinitely extendible, so some plugin developers have given us plugins that let us set a featured image/thumbnail for categories, tags and all types of custom taxonomies. Categories Images The Categories Images Plugin allow you to add image with category or taxonomy. Download Categories Images   Featured Images for Categories Featured Images for Categories will add WordPress Featured Images to both categories & tags. You can easily assign an image to each category or tag and then display a gallery style block of images via a widget or

Calculated fields form review an advanced form builder plugin for wordpress 2637 1
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Calculated Fields Form Review: An Advanced Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Calculated Fields Form is a WordPress plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields. The plugin includes a visual form builder which allows you to create advanced forms that can contain a range of field types and one or more automatically calculated fields that use the data that has been entered by the user. The Calculated Fields Form plugin also has the ability to send the form submissions to multiple recipients via email, and also store the submissions in a database. Forms created with the plugin can also be setup to accept payments via PayPal, making it a great tool

Affiliate marketing plugins to monetize your wordpress blog 2 2634

Affiliate Marketing Plugins to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

The use of WordPress is increasing every year, as is its use as a money-making blog. This can be done through affiliate marketing. It’s quite interesting to see how the WordPress affiliate platform works and how easy it can be to start making money off your blog with just the use of the right plugins. Specific WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers have been around for a while now, monetizing blogs all over the world in the easiest ways possible. These plugins, combined with a good user-friendly blog, can be just what you’re looking for to direct your users to your affiliated products

Best wordpress plugins for 2021 2 2632

Best WordPress Plugins for 2021

As 2021 gets underway, we’re taking a look at the top WordPress plugins for this year. There exists a plugin for almost any purpose on the WordPress platform, be it for security, analytics, backups, forms, affiliates, RSS feeds; anything you need. We’ve gone through those plugins that firstly, were of most help to us, and secondly, were of most help to the rest of the WordPress community – that’s you! So here’s our list of WordPress plugins that we feel will be of most value this year (in no particular order). WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO is the most complete WordPress

Free responsive category slider a breakthrough of wordpress content slider 2627

Free Responsive Category Slider – a Breakthrough of WordPress Content Slider

Creation of several free and paid WordPress plugins helped us solve many specific and necessary needs. We’ve recently reviewed an interesting plugin that enable users to build up various styled sliders from their available posts and products – Responsive Category Slider developed by ThemeLead. If you are looking for a WordPress plugin to be able to spend less time on building and changing each slide of ordinary sliders this plugin is a great solution for your selection. The plugin has also passed the strict review of and now can be downloaded and updated through the directory. Responsive Category

Affiliate marketing plugins to monetize your wordpress blog 2624

Affiliate Marketing Plugins to Monetize Your WordPress Blog

The use of WordPress is increasing every year, as is its use as a money-making blog. This can be done through affiliate marketing. It’s quite interesting to see how the WordPress affiliate platform works and how easy it can be to start making money off your blog with just the use of the right plugins. Specific WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers have been around for a while now, monetizing blogs all over the world in the easiest ways possible. These plugins, combined with a good user-friendly blog, can be just what you’re looking for to direct your users to your affiliated products

Best wordpress plugins for 2021 2622

Best WordPress Plugins for 2021

As 2021 gets underway, we’re taking a look at the top WordPress plugins for this year. There exists a plugin for almost any purpose on the WordPress platform, be it for security, analytics, backups, forms, affiliates, RSS feeds; anything you need. We’ve gone through those plugins that firstly, were of most help to us, and secondly, were of most help to the rest of the WordPress community – that’s you! So here’s our list of WordPress plugins that we feel will be of most value this year (in no particular order). WordPress SEO by Yoast WordPress SEO is the most complete WordPress

The best pay wall wordpress plugins 2619

The Best Pay Wall WordPress Plugins

After blogging for a while you might want to start making money from all your efforts. Maybe you create a web series that you want to keep hidden only for exclusive guests, or maybe it’s time to see if your online magazine can start making money. This is where a paywall WordPress plugin comes in, helping you restrict a certain amount of content on your site unless people pay for it. I know a few bloggers who create membership sites with featured content, or they simply want to sell a couple videos or books they created. In short, developing content

Best curation plugins for wordpress 2616

Best Curation Plugins for WordPress

What is content curation? The term “content curation” has often been misused or incorrectly defined. The idea of content curation is to gather content from an outside source and distribute it to your audience after some careful filtering, sorting and editing. Rather than creating all your content yourself, sometimes you might want to share some other great content you find on the web. This is what content curation is all about. All you have to do is pull in content from the sources of your choice then manually filter and sort it, making sure you only select the most valuable content for

Best wordpress plugins for selling tickets 2614

Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets

Selling tickets for events online is becoming more and more popular, even more so for international events such as music festivals or even WordCamps. Note that when selling tickets online, it’s a must to have an SSL certificate. Luckily, there are hosting companies, like our preferred host SiteGround, who offer free SSLs as a part of their hosting plans. The SSL will protect your visitors’ sensitive data, ensuring all data goes through a secure connection. Selling tickets online can be easily done with a number of plugins, ranging in price as well as functionality, depending on the e-commerce platform you’re

How to add personalized triggered changes to your website with insite 2612

How to Add Personalized, Triggered Changes to Your Website with inSite

Promoting an upcoming offer or event, highlighting a certain holiday period, selling a new product, promoting a new post – all of these are good reasons to add that extra personal touch to your WordPress site to grab your visitors’ attention. There already exist certain plugins to add a notification bar to your site or to add something like a fireworks effect during the 4th of July period, but you’d have to add them all separately and some of them might require manually monitoring them. The ideal solution would be to have one plugin with all these options (and more), along with the

Say goodbye to spam bots with goodbye captcha 2609

Say Goodbye to Spam-Bots with Goodbye Captcha

Captcha stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart. That’s annoyingly long to read, almost as annoying as some actual Captchas can be when trying to sign up to something or even just leave a comment. What a Captcha does is serve as a tool to prevent spambots from littering your comments and sign-up forms. This tool gives you, as the end-user, a simple test you must pass in order to proceed. They’re (usually) very easy and take you just a few seconds to complete, however a computer program will not able to get past it, hence

Cms commander the smart way to manage multiple wordpress sites 2606

CMS Commander: The Smart Way to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

When you’re a developer handling a number of WordPress sites, or have a number of your own personal websites to attend to, you know how tedious it can get to maintain every single one individually. You have to keep every websites’ themes and plugins up to date, login to each site every time you’d like to publish a post, create back-ups for each one, and so on. All this takes up a lot of your time, time which can be used more productively. Hence the creation of CMS Commander – your WordPress command centre. An Overview of CMS Commander What is it?

Ultimate widgets custom widgets for your wordpress website 2603

Ultimate Widgets: Custom Widgets For Your WordPress Website

Widgets for the back-bone of any WordPress website. While the trend nowadays is to sacrifice the sidebar in favor of a content-centric website layout, especially for personal blogs, the sidebar and footer widgets still play a big role in conveying useful information to your visitors, such as subscription and social media buttons, as well as additional information about yourself or your website or blog. At times, the default WordPress widgets just do not suffice. For that purpose, you can try a premium widgets plugin that lets you do more with your sidebar and footer areas than just boring default widgets.

Wpstore an ecommerce theme for wordpress 2600

WPStore: an eCommerce Theme for WordPress

Even though WordPress began primarily as a blogging platform, it can now be used to power virtually any genre of website, be it a simple blog, a magazine site or even an eCommerce store. In fact, a good number of WordPress websites that are built nowadays are eCommerce store, thanks especially to the super popular WooCommerce plugin, that can transform any WordPress installation into an eCommerce store within minutes! However, for running a WooCommerce store via WordPress, not every theme will suffice. You will need a theme that is meant primarily for eCommerce sites and stores. There are a good

Optimize images and improve website performance imagerecycle review 2598

Optimize Images and Improve Website Performance: ImageRecycle Review

It is no secret that website speed matters a lot when it comes to improving the performance of your website. Google has openly stated on numerous occasions that faster page load times equal better user experience and as such, websites that load fast have a better chance of getting a higher search engine rank. Now, since majority of the websites tend to rely on images, it is often noticed that uncompressed and large images play a big role in slowing down a website. Quite obviously, optimizing and compressing your images will improve your website’s performance manifolds. There are many such

Easily add mobile ads to your site with mobiad 2596

Easily Add Mobile Ads to Your Site with MobiAD

As time passes, more and more users are relying on their mobile phones and tablets to browse the internet. This has led to a massive increase in mobile-responsive websites, and WordPress has not been left behind in this matter. To the contrary, WordPress sites are nowadays almost certainly created with a mobile-friendly version. In addition to mobile-friendliness websites also remain a great form of income, and one of the most common forms is advertisements. This is where dedicated mobile advertising come in, and one of the latest platforms to offer such a service is ModiAD. What is the MobiAD platform? MobiAD is a

How to obtain better feedback with rating manager 2594

How to Obtain Better Feedback with Rating Manager

User feedback plays a very important role in determining whether your website’s content, design or product meets the standards of today’s world. Obtaining this feedback can be done in a number of ways, however one of the simplest of these is introducing a rating system. WordPress has a number of plugins that provide similar rating and/or comment systems for you to obtain such feedback, however they’re all limited in some way or another, be it in the number of options available or the styling provided out of the box. There was therefore the need for a WordPress plugin that meets

Wp video robot add videos to your site automatically 2591

WP Video Robot: Add Videos To Your Site, Automatically

Of late, videos have grown in popularity, and more and more websites are now offering video content to their users. You can credit it to the fact that we all have better internet speeds nowadays, or that videos in general are much easier to understand as compared to text content, but the fact remains the same: be it social media or publishing websites, videos have become a popular factor everywhere. So, is it possible to create video website via WordPress? Of course it is! But are there any special plugins for that? No, not just a plugin that lets you

How to manage multiple wordpress sites from one dashboard with mainwp 2589

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard With MainWP

Are you a website developer who manages multiple clients’ WordPress sites at once? Or do you have your own number of WordPress sites to keep track of and struggle to do so? If so, then you’re looking for a simple solution that allows you to monitor and maintain each of these sites from one location. That’s where website management tools come into play, and nowadays we can find a number of them being offered in the WordPress world. They offer a simplified solution to the problem of having to login to every single WordPress site you manage in order to update

Sidekick your own personal wordpress guide 2586

SIDEKICK: Your Own Personal WordPress Guide

You’ve all come across a situation where you needed some sort of help with WordPress, be it how to use the dashboard as a beginner, or how to achieve something with a particular plugin or theme. In most cases you’re advised to read a page from some documentation or watch a tutorial video, which, while possibly being adequate support, don’t offer the one-on-one feel that a walkthrough from another individual would give. Now having someone by your side 24/7 to help you out with any issues you come across isn’t possible. However, the team at SIDEKICK decided that they wanted to provide an alternative,

Automating wordpress development with wp app studio 2584

Automating WordPress Development with WP App Studio

What is WP App Studio Designing, maintaining and updating a WordPress app can be hard work – especially if one has limited, or no programming experience. WP App Studio (WPAS) is a WordPress design and development platform (PaaS) that allows users to design and develop their own WordPress plugins without coding in PHP. WPAS is offered in two tiers, ProDev, the commercial tier, and FreeDev, the free development tier. We will be reviewing ProDev within this article. What does it offer? WPAS is targeted at all types and levels of WordPress users, from marketers, bloggers and start-ups to developers and

Using the woocommerce abandoned cart and order delivery date plugins from tyche softwares 2581

Using the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart and Order Delivery Date Plugins from Tyche Softwares

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that anyone can use to create a great e-commerce site to sell absolutely anything, all while functioning like all the great online stores around. As you can expect, there will be certain features, both on the back-end and the front-end, that will apply to certain types of e-commerce sites, and it’s impossible to include them all in one plugin. In reply to this you’ll find a large number of WooCommerce add-ons that will cater for most, if not all, situations you can imagine. In this review we’ll be taking a look at two in particular

How to turn visitors into customers with bontact 2579

How To Turn Visitors Into Customers with Bontact

One way to offer customer support on an e-commerce site is to offer a live chat option within the front-end of your website. This is known to help generate more sales and make the customer feel more appreciated right from the off. Most tools to do this within WordPress offer just the chat function, while other websites only offer an email contact form, however there are others that take it a step further. This extra step is what offers the customer a quick reply, in turn potentially convincing said customer to make the purchase right there and then. With mobile-browsing

How to achieve more with rss feeds a review of wp rss aggregator 2576

How to Achieve More with RSS Feeds – A Review of WP RSS Aggregator

An immense amount of data is generated every day across the web. In numbers, 571 new websites are created and 347 new WordPress blog posts are published every minute. Understandably, going through new content and pulling out what is relevant, can be a challenge. This is where RSS comes in. What is RSS? It has been said that RSS is a kind of glue that binds web content, social networks and media together. And it’s easy to see why. Also referred to as Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication, RSS is a protocol that allows people to share and

How to add a beautiful animated slider with smart slider 3 2573

How to Add a Beautiful Animated Slider with Smart Slider 3

Sliders are a great way to present various types of content to your website’s visitors while also ensuring that your site is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the visitors’ eye. Many WordPress themes come bundled with sliders in order to facilitate this idea, however it’s a good idea to look at and work with a slider plugin that you choose. There are a couple of reasons to do this. Firstly, should you decide to change your theme at any time, your sliders will still work and you’ll be able to easily adapt them to the new design. Secondly, a separate plugin could offer more features that meet your particular

How to set up a news aggregator with wordpress wp rss aggregator 2570

How to Set Up a News Aggregator with WordPress & WP RSS Aggregator

News aggregator websites, whatever niche they may be for, offer the best way to sift through the ridiculously large amount of news that is published every hour. Curating the news for a specific niche or market gives readers a single location where they can find all the information they need. There are plenty of great news aggregators out there, from the likes of Alltop to the Drudge Report. Sites like these are tremendously successful because they focus on 4 key areas: They use a simple design that is easy to navigate and read. Whether you’re on a desktop computer or

Projecthuddle feedback at your fingertips 2568

ProjectHuddle – Feedback at Your Fingertips

Everyone vies for a spot on Google’s first page in hopes that their website will be a standout amongst even the toughest competition. That’s why so many people look to website designers to create one-of-kind projects for their brand. If you have ever worked with a client designing any part of their WordPress website, you know that feedback is essential for client satisfaction and ultimately, client retention. You are probably also aware that receiving quality feedback is not always easy. That’s why the team at Themewich created ProjectHuddle. This premium WordPress plugin was designed to give you an easy way

Customize your wordpress admin with the material wp plugin 2565

Customize Your WordPress Admin with the Material WP Plugin

With each update, the features and functionality behind WordPress continue to improve. But when it comes to the WordPress admin interface, it’s pretty much looked the same for years, even when WordPress 3.8 tried to bring us a fresher design. This stagnancy in the WordPress admin opened the door for WordPress plugin developers to create WordPress admin themes that allow for unique, custom-branded interfaces. One such offering is a premium plugin that’s available from CodeCanyon called Material WP, from the people at 732. 732 is the company behind several premium WordPress plugins, and Material WP brings elements from Google’s Material Design language to help freshen

How to launch your marketplace using wordpress 2563

How to Launch Your Marketplace Using WordPress

Shopping online is quite common today, and why not? You can purchase anything now using your laptop or mobile device. Online marketplaces brings that much convenience to you and also maintain their quality, that’s how this business is done. In this article, we will show you how easy it is for you to have your own market and how quick you can build it. A Market of My Own? Have you ever thought of yourself as the vendor, or the site owner rather than the customer? You might reply “I didn’t because it’s probably too much”. You are right and wrong. It was once

Snapid plugin offers free patented two factor authentication login for your wordpress site 2561

SnapID Plugin Offers Free, Patented Two-Factor Authentication Login For Your WordPress Site

Every year, it seems we hear more about security breaches and theft for online businesses and websites. As WordPress users, the front line of our security has always been user IDs and passwords. With the enormous popularity of WordPress, we face a growing number of hackers who use deviant methods like brute force attacks to gain illegal entry into our sites. Such attacks increase the need for more sophisticated security options for WordPress users. SnapID is one such option.   Launched in 2015, SnapID is a WordPress security plugin from TextPower, Inc., a company out of San Juan Capistrano, California. TextPower is a

Anti spam by cleantalk a look at the spamfirewall 2558

Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: A Look at the SpamFireWall

Spam continues to be a time and resource consuming problem for WordPress website owners. The most popular solution is Automattic’s Akismet. Perhaps an even better solution is CleanTalk’s Anti-Spam. CleanTalk’s Anti-Spam is a cloud-based anti-spam protection service that protects websites from spambots. It was previously reviewed here at WP Mayor, so I won’t repeat the information that review covered. To see the original review, see the article Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: Separating Bots from Humans. CleanTalk has released some new features since WPMayor’s original review. One particularly interesting feature is the SpamFireWall. For this review I took SpamFireWall for a spin.

Microblog poster offers automated social sharing 2555

Microblog Poster Offers Automated Social Sharing

As a content creator, it’s important to share your articles and messages as far and wide as possible. The more your target audience is exposed to your content, the more possibilities you have for engaging them and bringing prospects and customers to your site. These days, social media can be a significant source of traffic for your blog or online business. And more than ever, social media influence is a critical component of how search engines like Google measure authority and rank your content. Today, we’re going to take a look at Microblog Poster, a WordPress plugin from Efficient Scripts, a

Easy social share buttons for wordpress 2552

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is an all-in-one solution for your WordPress social sharing needs and includes features for increasing your sharing, driving traffic, tracking, and analysis. It’s been around for a while and has recently gotten a significant update that makes it one of, if not the most, unique social sharing plugins available. It also has several addons that give it even more power. In this review I’m taking a look at the plugin and three free addons: Amp support Facebook comments Post views The Recent Update Version 3.6 has added some interesting features. No other social sharing plugin

Ultimate membership pro offers impressive features and value for your wordpress membership site 2549

Ultimate Membership Pro Offers Impressive Features and Value for Your WordPress Membership Site

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the idea of making extra income from your content, you may have considered starting your own membership site. Historically, starting an online membership site was a challenging task, especially if you were technically challenged. But thankfully, these days, WordPress developers are making the process much simpler. Still, how do you wade through all the possible options? Where do you find the right mix of features with something that’s still easy to use and easy to set up? One option is Ultimate Membership Pro. Ultimate Membership Pro is membership software with an impressive list of

How to move content from one site to another including images 2546

How to Move Content from One Site to Another (Including Images)

Moving content from one site to another can be a nightmare of a task. This is especially true for larger sites. Firstly, you would not want to lose the formatting you’ve set. Secondly, you also definitely don’t want to lose any data along the way. While WordPress does allow you to export and import blog posts and pages, there is one big problem: images will not be imported together with the text. To address this issue, we found an easy and effective way to move posts using something as simple as an RSS feed. WordPress comes with RSS integration right

Threewp broadcast a networking sharing plugin review 2543

ThreeWP Broadcast – a Networking Sharing Plugin Review

Multisites allow you to share plugins and themes, and perform some administration tasks, but the multisite network doesn’t share content. For that you need a plugin such as Broadcast. Broadcast is a network content syndication and post sharing plugin that allows you to share content automatically between multisite blogs. Why would you want to share content? Let’s say you have a network for a school, hospital, or large corporation and division has their own instance of WordPress on the multisite. You might need to deliver a company-wide message, post to specific sites, share templates and media with admins, etc. You

Weglot review translate your wordpress website in the fast lane 2540

Weglot Review: Translate Your WordPress Website in the Fast Lane

Translating your WordPress website into multiple languages can be difficult. Many plugin solutions are complex and hard to configure. In fact, many require manual translations which can prove costly unless you are fluent in many languages. And if you are, this task of manually translating content can become time-consuming and frustrating. There are many multilingual plugins available today claiming to make your website translations a breeze. However, very few actually follow through on those claims. Nonetheless, today I am going to share with you a freemium WordPress plugin that is almost perfect when it comes to ease of use and

Woocommerce all discounts offers easy and powerful discount creation 2537

WooCommerce All Discounts Offers Easy and Powerful Discount Creation

For online stores, discounts are a powerful way to strengthen buyer loyalty and express customer appreciation. And when it comes to WordPress and eCommerce, WooCommerce is the big boy on the block. But WooCommerce, in its basic installation, has very limited ways to set up discounts. Out of the box, WooCommerce lets you create coupon codes for discounting product or cart costs based on a given percentage or fixed amount. It also allows for free shipping. Beyond that, if you need other options for providing discounts to your customers, you’ll need to move on to third-party plugins. One such offering is

Acf vc integrator review 2534

ACF-VC Integrator Review

ACF-VC Integrator is a plugin that adds an element to the ultra-popular Visual Composer allowing it to display fields created with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Your first thought might be the Advanced Custom Fields plugin has its own integration with the Visual Composer plugin. So why then is ACF-VC Integrator needed? ACF provides limited functionality and doesn’t display many fields in the best manner. For example, it doesn’t show images, create links, display maps, etc. The ACF-VC Integrator utilizes these ACF fields and allows VC to display the fields in the best way possible. Installation Installing the plugin is

Add marketing automation to your site in 5 minutes with the new sendinblue plugin 2531

Add Marketing Automation to Your Site in 5 Minutes with the New SendinBlue Plugin

Have you ever felt too busy to try new tools (like marketing automation) that you know will grow your business? With the new, free SendinBlue plugin, you can enable marketing automation on your WordPress site in just 5 minutes. Most marketers admit that marketing automation is an important tool. In fact, 78% of marketers say that automation techniques are their leading source for improving revenue.1 The funny thing is: only 8% of business are currently using marketing automation to nurture their existing customer base.2 If you’ve waited to try marketing automation because you were worried it would be too expensive

Captainform brings easy powerful forms to wordpress 2528

CaptainForm Brings Easy, Powerful Forms to WordPress

If you’ve ever been in the market for a WordPress form builder, you know the challenge of trying to sift through so many options. But the reality is, there’s just a tiny fraction of WordPress form builders with the feature set, ease-of-use, and support to separate themselves from the pack. Such form builders go far beyond simple contact forms—they offer a variety of functionality and features that meet the needs of many different WordPress users—from solo freelancers to large corporate marketers.     CaptainForm, launched in 2015, is one of the more recent WordPress form builder entries. It’s the product of

How to build wordpress forms in a few minutes a review of wpforms 2525

How to Build WordPress Forms in a Few Minutes – A Review of WPForms

An Introduction to WPForms There are multiple aspects within your WordPress website that contribute to the overall user experience. Forms are, most certainly, an integral part to this. A form presents one of the best opportunities to collect valuable data from visitors or customers, so taking the time to put together an easy to fill, logical and sensible form, can to wonders to your conversion rate. In this article we will be reviewing WPForms, a plugin that allows you to build powerful forms in an intuitive and easy to use manner – great news, especially if you are a beginner.

Receiptful review supercharge your emails to boost online sales 2522

Receiptful Review: Supercharge Your Emails to Boost Online Sales

As an eCommerce store owner, chances are you are not maximizing your profits as much as you can. Sure, you design your website for easy navigation. You publish blog posts with valuable information. You even interact on social media. But when was the last time you reached out to a current customer, one-on-one, and encouraged them to buy again? People that have already purchased from you are most likely to purchase from you again in the future.  In fact, loyal customers are often worth up to ten times as much as their original purchase. And, capitalizing on this fact can

Nelio content automates and assists with content creation and social marketing 2519

Nelio Content Automates and Assists with Content Creation and Social Marketing

Nelio Content is an editorial calendar plugin for WordPress users with powerful content creation, marketing, and scheduling features. It’s a product from Nelio Software, a company focused on helping WordPress users reach their marketing goals through easier content management. With Nelio Content, individuals and teams using WordPress for content creation can more easily and efficiently manage the tasks around content writing and social promotion. Successful content marketing means producing relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis—content that can attract the right audience to your site. It also means consistent and effective content promotion. Nelio Content promises to automate or

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